Oz material testing (OMT) is a family-owned business based in Perth,
Western Australia. We have NATA accreditation for all the concrete tests
including Water permeability, Flexural strength testing, and setting time
of concrete. OMT is the only laboratory in Western Australia that has
received accreditation for the ‘Static modulus of elasticity test.
Our rates are the best in the industry. We are available 24/7 and accept
orders on short notice as we understand things don’t always go as
planned on a construction site. We can email you the test reports or you
can access the reports on our website as per your convenience. Our
testimonials demonstrate that we are obliging and doing business with
us is as easy as easy can be. Give us a call on 0450053570 to book
your test today.

Our Services

Slump Test

The concrete slump test measures the consistency of fresh concrete before it sets. It is performed to check the workability of freshly made concrete

Compressive Strength Of Concrete Cylinders

The compressive strength of concrete cylinders is determined by applying continuous load over the cylinder until failure occurs. The test …

Indirect Tensile Strength

A cylindrical specimen is loaded diametrically across the circular cross section

Maturity Test

A convenient approach to predict the early age strength gain of concrete, using the principle that the concrete strength is …

Bleed Test

Bleeding in fresh concrete refers to the process where free water in the mix is pushed upward to the surface.

Air Content & Mass Per Unit Volume

Identity the amount of air entrapped in concrete

Dry Shrinkage

Drying Shrinkage

Determination of the drying shrinkage of concrete for samples prepared in the field or in the laboratory

Slump flow test & J-Ring

Determination of properties related to the consistency of concrete—Slump flow, T500 and J-ring test