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Years Of Experience in

We bring the technical knowledge & experience

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In line with passion for engineering, materials and structural integrity, OZ Material Testing has assembled a facility and team reflecting enthusiasm for the world built around us. Commonly seen through building construction, infrastructure and road work, the built environment often requires strict levels of oversight, ensuring these structures maintain their integrity and can be safely used and inhabited. OZ Material Testing is proud to provide the construction industry with the necessary services to ensure this quality through oversight and testing.

We are dedicated to ensuring the work performed complies with all applicable codes and specifications. Using our specialized and accredited laboratory, we are committed to providing exemplary services in testing of concrete, aggregate, and soil, performed by a team of extensively trained and certified professionals. Our firm is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients, while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.

Leadership & Qualifications

Our highly accomplished and diverse Technicians has a rich and sound knowledge of Australian – based concrete testing services. Ensuring that all testing activities are carried out in compliance with OZ Material Testing goals, our Director and staff provide a clear course for the field and testing services performed. Our supervisors supply direct oversight to the technicians operating in the field. They are responsible for ensuring all applicable Australian standards and procedures are continuously executed in the field by our qualified team.

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